Mini but Mighty Skirt PurplePower™

Add a touch of sophistication to your work wardrobe with our Purple Power™ mini skirt, crafted to meet professional standards without compromising style. This skirt features a flattering length that is both chic and suitable for work environments. Whether you're attending meetings, presentations, or working at your desk, this skirt ensures comfort and confidence throughout the day.

The versatile Purple Power™ colour allows for effortless pairing with blouses, shirts, or blazers, making it a versatile piece for creating various work outfits. The tailored fit enhances your silhouette while maintaining a professional demeanour, making it an essential piece for every modern professional.

Style Highlights:

  • The house Purple Power™ works perfectly with all of the collections.
  • A comfortable and flattering length skirt. Tulip shape.
  • Pair with The Goddess Blouse or EqualiTEE™, layer with any of The TrailBLAZER™.
  • Perfect for a busy woman on the move.
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Color: PurplePower™