Who is Sonica Beckmann?

Sonica is an England and Wales qualified solicitor and mother of two, who has worked for some of the biggest retail operators internationally. She was appointed as Head of Legal of a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate at only 31. Despite her early success, her career has not been without challenge. With each promotion she found herself, like many other women, navigating the 'old boys club' with an added pressure to conform to behaviours often thought necessary for those in leadership to succeed.

Rather than conform, Sonica decided she wanted to challenge the status quo. She genuinely believes in leading with kindness and compassion, and thinks that women are unstoppable when they collaborate and support one another. If only there was an easy way for women to seek out like-minded women in business who hold the same kind and supportive values, women who aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeves 💜.

Exiting the corporate world in 2023, Sonica assembled her Dream Team and began work on House of Kind, a pioneering brand aimed at uniting women in the workplace through recognisable details and fashion. It is a legacy she hopes her children (daughter especially), will be proud of.

The Dream Team

Because no woman is an island (and nor should she be)

Team Section

Katie Weir

Chief Content Officer

Amelia Dennis

Principal Designer

Neil Lowe

Chief Commercial Officer